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Our vision is a


In which people are nurtured and empowered to value differences and to experience conflict as an opportunity to change

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Becoming a volunteer mediator can be rewarding in many ways and help you improve many different skills.
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Take the first step to becoming a trainee Community Mediator for Conflict and Change by joining us on this interactive 5-day course in September 2022.


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About Us

Who we are

We are the UK’s first community mediation service and we help support neighbours, families and community groups who are experiencing conflict.

What we do

We help people to talk to each other and resolve their disputes, using an approach called mediation.

This helps people to see the others point of view and find a solution together.

How we work

Our service is confidential.

We do not take sides and we are independent of the council and other official bodies.

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We have a holistic approach to responding to conflict and all our activities are closely interlinked, drawing upon a core set of communication skills.


Community Conversations & Mediation Training

2019 – 2022 Community Conversations

Conflict and Change facilitated Community Conversations events in Newham in partnership with REIN (a local community-based organisation) and Community Resolve(a Bristol based conflict resolution organisation).

The aim of the community conversations was to offer a space for Newham based parents and residents to meet together; to share their concerns, hopes and ideas to address the increased youth violence, and the collective sense of unsafety in the borough.

The Community Conversation events held were a success, and culminated in a group of Newham residents forming a group, and creating their own charitable organisation, which remains active and growing.

Plans for continued Conflict & Change Community Conversation events were put on hold, due to the uncertainty of the lockdown restrictions.

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Community Mediation & Conflict Coaching

Conflict and Change created an online mediation training course to train our volunteer mediators, and enable Online Mediation (zoom) and Conflict Coaching sessions to Newham residents experiencing neighbour disputes.

Conflict Coaching is a very useful resource where one party wishes to engage in the mediation process, but the other party is not willing to participate.

Conflict Coaching is a process that supports the individual in working through a particular conflict situation and develop the persons skills at handling conflict and finding solutions within their control

Our Trained mediators can speak with the party who wants to mediate help them explore what they could do to adjust the way they deal with the issues, even though the other party is not involved.

As with Mediation, Conflict Coaching is a voluntary and confidential process, our mediators and conflict coaches will help parties to identify options and ideas, and what they would like to do.

Conflict and Change continues to work to identify community needs, and deliver mediation support, in creative ways that are inclusive and productive to the diversity and needs of Newham residents.

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