Conflict and Change

About Our Charity

About Us

Conflict and Change is a voluntary organisation

We are the UK’s first community mediation service founded in 1984, building bridges of understanding within and between communities in Newham, East London, one of the most diverse areas of the United Kingdom. Our work demonstrates visibly the ability of our members of various ethnic, religious, gender, age, and incomes groups to build bridges in communications and relations.

We have a holistic approach to responding to conflict and all our activities are closely interlinked, drawing upon a core set of communication skills.

We do this through a community Conflict Resolution service that uses mediation to support neighbours, families and community groups who are experiencing conflict.

What Do We Do

Supporting The Newham Community

We provide a confidential, independent and impartial service for residents of Newham in dispute usually, but not only with their neighbours. The process works by getting both parties to talk about their situation, their feelings and needs, and hopefully gain understanding of how the other feels and what the other needs. Mediators do not provide solutions but enable better communications between parties so that they can themselves work on issues.

After you contact our office about a dispute, they will arrange for two of our volunteers’ mediators to meet with you and the other person either online or an arranged venue. Our mediators will call you and the other person, listen to what you have to say, and discuss with you how we can help. If you would like, they can then arrange a mediation either online or at an arranged venue.

Our training Programmes

Training programmes in communication skills, facilitation & mediation

We run online training course in conflict management and community mediation designed to encourage better communication, raise awareness of differences in culture, outlook and background and give practical experience of working with conflict. Working with diverse, local volunteers in all our programmes and who strengthen our connection with the communities we serve.

The whole training process has given me the confidence to transform not only my own life but the lives of others around me. I have experienced change and the capacity to make a real difference in my community.

Simon Gibson – Trustee